Shengjing Global Innovation Award (SJ-GIA) is the annual innovation ceremony held by Shengjing Group. It aims to find top projects from hot industry innovation areas around the world, to maximize the effectiveness of both the new economy and traditional economy, and to play the function of connecting and bridging of China and the World.

Shengjing Global Innovation Awards, known as ”SJ-GIA” is based on “Innovation, Capitalization and Globalization” and is focused toward global start-ups, including those from China, USA, Israel and Europe. SJ-GIA will build an active ecosystem based on "global innovation and global capital," to facilitate the globalization of a new economy business platform and build the indicator of investment.

So far, SJ-GIA has been successfully held for two years, and has received much attention and support, from the Chinese government, investment institutions, innovative enterprises and industry experts. It is also known by some as the "Oscars of innovation."

Under the guidance of Zhongguancun Administration Committee and Haidian District Government, SJ-GIA is initiated by Shengjing Group and is sponsored by the Zhongguancun Innovation Promotion Association. SJ-GIA is co-hosted by Peakview Capital, as well as top Israeli and European VCs. The competition also benefits from strategic cooperation and support from Tsinghua Holdings, Zhongguancun Development Group, Zhongguancun Development Centre, E-town Capital and InnoWay.

1 Standard: Series A to Series C projects in 2016 to 2017 (market value less than $1 billion USD), the most potential unicorn enterprises.

5 Industries: healthcare, cutting-edge technology, new energy / new materials, consumer entertainment, enterprise applications;

4 Regions: China, USA, Israel, Germany (Europe);

4 Stages:

A. Nomination: More than 100 investment institutions around the world are involved, each investment agency nominated 8-10 projects;

B. Shortlists: Determine the list of top 50 global innovation companies based on the number of votes nominated by each industry.

C. Finalists: Top 20 companies will be selected by the international and industry judges in June.

D. Awards Ceremony: The awards ceremony will be held in Beijing in August. The top 50 candidates, well-known investors, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, listed companies, and government representatives will be invited to attend.

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Global glory: It is a great honor to have been guided by the authority of more than 100 of the world's first-line industry top investors and reputable lifelong judges.

Brand credibility: Global in-depth media coverage

Huge investment opportunity: Due to the involvement of the world's top 100 investment institutions and 100 listed companies’ hundreds of billions of in assets. Shengjing Jiacheng’s special fund will commit to no less than $150 million USD investment.

Strategic business development: Business cooperation between top new economic enterprises and the most powerful large- and medium-sized local enterprises and the government to obtain more business cooperation, including but not limited to industry consolidation, urban partner recruitment, technology transfer, joint ventures and so on.