Mr. Peng Zhiqiang

Peng Zhiqiang

Mr. Peng Zhiqiang is the Co-founder and Chairman of ShengJing Management Consulting Co. and the president of ShengJing Institute. Previously he was the Vice President of Unis, a public company. He is an accomplished business trainer, having pioneered “Capital Operation and Business Mode,” and devotes himself to building a leading Chinese management, consulting and training group.

Mrs. Liu Yan

Liu Yan

Mrs. Liu Yan is the Co-founder and CEO of ShengJing Management Consulting Co., and the Executive President of ShengJing Institute. With deep business experience, Ms. Liu Yan is in charge of the overall execution and promotion of “ShengJing Mode,” a well-known training program in the Chinese business industry.

Mr. Yang Qing

Yang Qing

Mr. Yang Qing is the Co-founder and Vice President of ShengJing Management Consulting Co. and the Director of the Research Center for Capital Operations. Mr. Yang Qing is a seasoned financial professional with experience in strategic investment activity, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate business development.