Listed in no particular order

  • Matan Vilnai, Ambassador of the State of Israel to the People's Republic of China

    15th Knesset Minister of Science, Culture and Sport (1999-2003) Member of the Defense Cabinet (1999-2003) Chairman of Ministerial Committee for Israeli-Arab Affairs (1999 – 2000) Chairman of Ministerial Committee for Ceremonies and Symbols (1999 – 2000) 16th Knesset Member of the Defense Committee, Science committee, Ethics and Welfare Committees (2003-2006) 17th Knesset Deputy Minister of Defense (2007-2009) Member, Joint Committee for the Defense Budget 18th Knesset Minister Home Front Defense (2009-2012)

  • Dr. Orna Berry, Corporate Vice President Growth and Innovation EMC Centers of Excellence EMEA and the US

    Dr. Orna Berry, Corporate Vice President Growth and Innovation EMC Centers of Excellence EMEA and the US

    Dr. Berry is a recognized entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the Israeli science, technology and venture capital industries. She is known for her efforts to promote excellence, entrepreneurship and innovation in Israeli society. Dr. Berry has held a wide range of key positions with significant social and public impact throughout her career – she was a founding partner of Ornet Data Communications Ltd. She held the position of Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the Israeli government, served as the Chairperson of the Israeli Venture Capital Funds Association (IVA) and was previously a Venture Partner at Gemini Israel Funds. Dr. Berry has also held a number of positions related to consulting and management of scientific research at Fibronics, IBM , Intel and UNISYS.

  •  Xu Jinghong, Chairman of Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd.

    Xu Jinghong, Chairman of Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd.

    Researcher of Tsinghua University, Chairman of Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd., Executive Vice-President of Tsinghua University Tuspark Research Institute for Innovation, Director General of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park. Mr. Xu Jinghong once served as the president of the Tuspark Holdings. Tsinghua Holdings has got the assets of more than 142.5 billion RMB in 2014, with its business covering information technology, energy and environmental protection, life and health, etc.

  • Peng Zhiqiang, Co-founder & Chairman of Shengjing Technology Co., Ltd

    Peng Zhiqiang, Co-founder & Chairman of Shengjing Technology Co., Ltd

    Co-founder & Chairman of Shengjing Technology Co., Ltd. President of Shengjing Institute, Founding Partner of Shengjing Jiacheng FOF. Mr. Peng Zhiqiang used to be the vice president of Unis and co-responsible for the listing of Unis stock. Meanwhile as the founder of the practical consulting and training mode integrated with “Capital Operation and Business Mode” in domestic management consulting and training industry, he has accumulated abundant practical experience in enterprises, dedicated to build a leading management, consulting and training group in China with strategic vision.

  •  Bob Xu, Founder of ZhenFund

    Bob Xu, Founder of ZhenFund

    Bob is the Founder of ZhenFund. He is also known as one of China’s pioneering angel investors with the following distinctions from The Founder Magazine: “2010 Most Respected Angel Investor”,“2013 Zhongguancun Angel Investor Trailblazer." Prior to founding ZhenFund, Bob was a Co-Founder of New Oriental Education & Technology Group (NYSE: EDU), the largest provider of private education in China. He is considered a legendary figure by millions of young Chinese students studying abroad who were influenced by his writing, teaching and speeches. In 2006, China Southern People's Weekly voted Bob to be one of China's "50 Most Charismatic People" and in 2004, Forbes Magazine listed Bob as one of China's "Top 100 Celebrities."

  • Yoav Tzruya, Partner, JVP Cyber Labs

    Yoav Tzruya, Partner, JVP Cyber Labs

    Yoav brings to JVP over 20 years of experience in digital media, content services, telecom value-added services as well as mission critical enterprise software including C5I and Cyber Security. Yoav is a board member of several companies including CyActive, Theta-Ray, Morphisec, AnyClip and SCADAfence. Prior to joining JVP, Yoav headed Altus Media Ltd., a venture capital consulting business and ahead of that, spent five years as General Manager/COO and CMO of Exent Technologies leading its strategy, business and operations in the space of video games digital distribution. Exent pioneered the space, while working with multiple industry leaders, including Verizon, Comcast, Intel, CBS, Time Warner and France Telecom. Prior to this, Yoav spent five years with TeleKnowledge, an innovator in  business support systems, with which he held multiple executive level positions, helping develop telecom value-added services and digital media strategies for Telefonica, Yahoo,, StarMedia and others.

  • Ana Segurado Escudero, Managing Director, Open Future

    Ana Segurado Escudero, Managing Director, Open Future

    Ana Segurado Escudero is Managing Director of Open Future, the Open Innovation programme of Telefonica that gathers all the initiatives around external innovation within the company (talent detection tools, acceleration and scale-up programmes and company’s VC funds). Telefonica Open Future has invested in more than 550 startups in the portfolio, created more than 7,000 employees, operated in 17 countries and committed to more than €500M total funds. Ana was previously Director of Telefonica’s Amerigo Funds. Before joining Telefónica she was Investment Director at Inversiones Ibersuizas (now Portobello Capital), Spanish leading Private Equity firm. Ana is also University professor of Entrepreneurship and Business creation at Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, Madrid and frequent lecturer in conferences and courses on entrepreneurship. She is also a promoter of entrepreneurship contests and activities in Europe.

  • Erik Lassila , Management Partner of Shengjing USA (Peakview)

    Erik Lassila , Management Partner of Shengjing USA (Peakview)

    Erik Lassila is Managing Partner of Peakview Capital, heading US operations and investment activities. Erik has been a venture capital investor for nearly 20 years. Prior to joining Peakview Capital, he invested in early and growth stage technology companies based in Silicon Valley with VC fi rms Mayfi eld Fund, Charter Ventures and Clearstone Venture Partners. He was a general partner in funds totaling $540 million of committed capital and personally invested $89 million with a net IRR to investors over 30%. Erik also lived and invested in China for 6 years where co-founded the USD investment practice for Share Capital Partners, a formerly RMB-based growth capital fi rm based in Shenzhen. He is fl uent in Mandarin Chinese. Prior to his venture career, he held operating roles with Texas Instruments and Motorola and earned a BS Electrical Engineering from Iowa State University and an MBA from Stanford University.

  • Ehud Levy, General Partner, Canaan Partners Israel

    Ehud Levy, General Partner, Canaan Partners Israel

    Ehud gained more than two decades of expertise in the high-tech industry as an entrepreneur, investor and operator. Prior to co-founding Canaan Partners Israel, Ehud was a Managing Partner at Vertex VC. Among other successful investments, Ehud was the first to lead the investment and to identify Waze (acquired by Google for over $1 Billion) as a bright star from its start. Previously, Ehud served as Chairman and CEO of Ki-Bi Mobile Technologies. He led the business to its commercial success, an IPO in London, and eventual acquisition. Earlier, he served as COO and CFO of Telegate, where he was responsible for a restructuring plan leading to the acquisition of the company for over US$400 million. Prior to Telegate, Ehud was a private equity investor and investment banker in New York and Tel Aviv, serving on the boards of directors of several technology companies. Ehud holds a BSc in Computer Engineering (with honors) from the Technion, and an MBA from Columbia Business School, New York.

  • Qin Jun

    Qin Jun

    Chairman of THTI Holdings Co., Ltd., Chairman of Beijing Hold TIT Incubator Co., Ltd., Chairman of TI Capital. Since 2000, Ms. Qin Jun devotes herself to the establishment & operation of science and technology parks and the service of regional innovation and entrepreneurship, innovatively finding out the development mode of industrial and entrepreneurial Eco-system. She is also the expertise judge of “Recruitment of Global Expertise” Platform and is honored as the leader of global youth & “National March 8th Red-Banner Holder”2015.

  •  Dr. Hong Chen, Founder, Chairman and CEO of The Hina Group

    Dr. Hong Chen, Founder, Chairman and CEO of The Hina Group

    Dr. Hong Chen founded The Hina Group in 2003 and is our Chairman and CEO.  Prior to founding The Hina Group, Dr. Chen was Founder, Chairman  and CEO of GRIC Communications, which he led to its successful IPO on the NASDAQ in 1999. Before GRIC, he was Founder, Chairman and CEO of Aimnet, a leading regional Internet service provider, which was sold to NTT/Verio in 1996. Dr. Chen is a highly respected new economy leader in the Asia Pacific community. He was the President and Chairman of the Asian American MultiTech Association (AAMA) in 2000 and 2001 respectively; AAMA is the largest Asia Pacific focused high-tech business and executive association in Silicon Valley   with over 1000 members. He also served as the founding president of Hua Yuan Science and Technology Association (HYSTA) from 2000 to 2003, the most prominent club of mainland born Chinese business leaders in Silicon Valley and China.

  • Zhuo Fumin, Partner of GGV Capital, Founding Partner of SIG Capital

    Zhuo Fumin, Partner of GGV Capital, Founding Partner of SIG Capital

    Zhuo Fumin has 38 years of experience in enterprise management, fund management, assets integration and strategic M&As of public companies. He joined GGV Capital in 2008 as a Partner and focuses primarily on consumer-related investments in China.  Zhuo is also a founding partner of SIG Capital, a Chinese investment management and advisory firm that manages Venture Star, one of the first domestic RMB venture capital investment companies in China. Prior to founding SIG, from 2002 to 2005, Zhuo was Chairman and CEO of Vertex China Investment, the China division of the leading venture capital firm in Singapore, where he was responsible for the listing of a number of companies including Linktone (NASDAQ: LTON) and China Finance Online (NASDAQ: JRJC).

  • Mark A. Siegel, Partner of Menlo Ventures

    Mark A. Siegel, Partner of Menlo Ventures

    Mark joined Menlo Ventures in 1996 and focuses on investments in datacenter infrastructure, IT security, SaaS applications, and mobile services. Mark’s active investments and board seats include Dstillery, Getaround, Invidi, PernixData, Pluribus Networks, Riffsy, Tintri, and Warby Parker. Some of his previous board seats include 3PAR (acquired by HP), Dropcam (acquired by Google’s Nest), eXelate (acquired by Nielsen), Pliant Technology (acquired by SanDisk), RNA Networks (acquired by Dell), BlueGill Technologies (acquired by Checkfree), Rubric (acquired by Broadbase) and Voltage Security (acquired by HP).

  • Zhang Zhen , Founding Partner of Banyan Capital

    Zhang Zhen , Founding Partner of Banyan Capital

    Mr. Zhang Zhen is a Founding Partner of Banyan Capital. He focuses on investment in TMT sector and has extensive experience in helping early to growth stage companies develop their business. Prior to founding Banyan, Zhen was a partner and a member of the investment committee at IDG Capital Partners. Zhen invested and managed more than 20 companies, including DealeXtreme, Sungy (GOMO), IOBit, Baofeng, G-bit, Shenzhoufu, Razer, ArcherMind, Linekong, Mogujie and i-Media. Zhen was selected as “Top 10 VCer in China” by Zero2IPO in 2011. Mr. Zhang received his double bachelor’s degree in Engineering and Law, and received his master’s degree in Management from Tsinghua University in 2002. Zhen owns China Legal Professional Qualification Certificate. Zhen also joined the Executive Leadership Development Program in Stanford University in 2013.

  • Zhou Yunfan, Original Founder of ChinaRen, ex-President & CEO of, General Manager of Zhongguancun Development Group Co., Ltd.

    Zhou Yunfan, Original Founder of ChinaRen, ex-President & CEO of, General Manager of Zhongguancun Development Group Co., Ltd.

    He graduated from Department of Electric Engineering in Tsinghua University and received his master degree from Stanford University. In 1999, he along with Yang Ning and Chen Yizhou founded ChinaRen portal site. He was COO and CFO of that company. In September 2000, ChinaRen successfully merged with Sohu. Zhou Yunfan was the vice executive president and general manager of Sohu and responsible for Sohu website operation and e-commerce. In 2002 he left Sohu and founded and was the president and CEO. On July 9th, 2004, was listed on US NASDAQ and raised more than 100 million US dollars. In 2008 he became the deputy director of Zhongguancun governing committee and now is the general manager of Zhongguancun Development Group Co., Ltd.

  •  Chi Yufeng, President, Hongen Education & Perfect World

    Chi Yufeng, President, Hongen Education & Perfect World

    Chi Yufeng, the president of Beijing Hongen Education and Technology Co., Ltd, Beijing Perfect World Network Technology Co., Ltd and Perfect World Entertainment Inc, is a pioneer and a famous education software developer in China. Beijing Perfect World Network Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2004 and went public on NASDAQ in 2007. Perfect World is the largest game exporter and TV series producer in China. The company has expanded its business since 2010 and provides many famous TV series. Perfect World has been a NO.1 exporter in its industry for six years and its software product is sold to more than 100 countries and regions.Chi Yufeng is a graduate of Chemistry School of Tsinghua University. He was awarded as “Top 10 Excellent Youths of China Software Industry”. He was the youngest one among the Top 10 winners.

  • Fu Sheng, CEO of Cheetah Mobile Inc (original as Kingsoft Internet Software)

    Fu Sheng, CEO of Cheetah Mobile Inc (original as Kingsoft Internet Software)

    He along with his team created security software 360 Security Guard. He was the vice president of Matrix Partners China and CEO & President of Conew Image. On November 10th, 2010, Kingsoft Security was officially merged with Conew Image into an independent company --- Kingsoft Internet and Fu Sheng became the president. On March 25th, 2014, Kingsoft Internet changed its name to Cheetah Mobile and Fu Sheng became the CEO. On May 8th, 2014, under Fu Sheng’s leadership, Cheetah Mobile was successfully listed on New York Stock Exchange.

  •  Paul Holland ,Partner of Foundation Capital

    Paul Holland ,Partner of Foundation Capital

    What he invests in: Paul invests in the IT, consumer, and digital energy sectors. He is on the boards of CalStar Products, Dreambox Learning, InsideView, Simply Hired, and SpoonRocket. He is an active board observer at Assemblage, Blend, KIK and Platejoy.
    Paul is steeped in the world of venture capital:
    Training: MBA from the University of California at Berkeley; an MA in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia; and a BS from James Madison University.Paul has been a guest lecturer on entrepreneurship at Dartmouth's Amos Tuck School of Business, Harvard Business School, Wharton, Columbia, UC Berkeley, James Madison University, and the Stanford Graduate School of Engineering.

  •  Bill Reichert

    Bill Reichert

    Founder of Garage Fund,which is concentrating on the early stage companies of IT and material science industries. Mr. Bill Reichert worked in McKinsey, Brown Brothers Harraman & Co., as well as World Bank Group. He is also member of the Board of Directors of Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Association and Founding board and Chairman of Churchill Club, Chairman of Roundtable of the VC Taskforce, Chairman of Council on Foreign Relations in New York and member of the board of directors of plenty startup companies.

  •  Uriel Peled, CPO and co-founder of Visualead

    Uriel Peled, CPO and co-founder of Visualead

    Uriel Peled is the CPO and co-founder of Visualead, as pioneer of embedded visual QR code and O2O technologies helping enterprises connect with their customers both Offline and Online through secure and effective mobile experiences. Uriel Received his B.Se (summa cum laude) in Electrical engineering from the Technion University of Israel. As CPO Uriel leads the strategic product development of the company.Prior to Visualead, Uriel served as an officer (Major) at the Israeli ground forces in various managing positions where he managed up to 100 soldiers and was responsible for integrating new command and control systems for digitalizing the army ground forces. Uriel then worked for several years at Intel cooperation and later at Mellanox LTD a top5 Israeli high-tech company where he served as a Cluster manager leading three teams of engineers to develop world leading network communication chips.

  • Lu Wei, CEO of HauteRoute

    Lu Wei, CEO of HauteRoute

    Lu Wei has been engaged in the financial industry for many years and then he crossed into the film industry, committed to animation investment. In 2002, on behalf of the Bank of China, he invested 30 million RMB to GDC for the animation film Thru the Moebius Strip, and helped the company to be listed in Hong Kong. In 2005, Mr. Lu Wei founded the HauteRoute. Last year, he became the producer of Monkey King: Hero Is Back, the Chinese animation film that broke the overseas box-office.

  •  Simon Shen,New Trend Alliance Founder

    Simon Shen,New Trend Alliance Founder

    As the founder of NTA and the Pathfinder of social media marketing, former editor and co-founder of the “Entrepreneur” magazine, he pursues long-term studies of innovative means of communication at home and abroad, new business models, as well as the angel investment and venture capital. Concerning about the Chinese enterprises, he establishes close interaction with many entrepreneurs and VC investors, especially with those from younger generations.

  • Liu Chengcheng, Founder & CEO of 36Kr

    Liu Chengcheng, Founder & CEO of 36Kr

    He received his bachelor degree from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications and master degree from China Academy of Sciences. In 2013, He was listed by Forbes in the “30 Under 30” list of top entrepreneurs under the age of 30. 36Kr is the largest startup ecological service platform in China. It manages 36Kr Financing, Kr Zone and 36Kr Media. It provides entrepreneurs online financing and offline incubation services. 36Kr, make startup easier.

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